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What is LPGA?

The LPGA is the Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association and the championship tournaments held by LPGA are called the LPGA Tour. Usually, the initials of the name of the countries are put in front such as KLPGA(Korea), JLPGA(Japan). However, in the U.S. the country initial is dropped and is called the LPGA. The LPGA Tour started its first opening in 1950 in which 11 competitions were held. The first tour was the Tampa Open in Florida with total prize money of USD 3500. Polly Riley, an amateur, won the competition. Afterwards, the tournament became a world class golf tour with total prize money between USD 1 million and 1.5 million. LPGA Tour starts from early January to mid-December almost every week. 20 to 30 competitions are held annually and each competition is held for 4 days. They are held not only in the U.S. but also in England, Australia, Japan, France, and Canada. One way of participating in the LPGA Tour is to pass the qualifying school. While PGA is open for woman, only women are allowed to participate in LPGA,

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