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What is PGA?

The PGA(Professional Golfers’ Association of America) was established on April 10th, 1916 in New York, U.S.. Since its first opening in October the same year, it has been held annually except for years 1917, 1918, and 1943 which was cancelled due to First and Second World War. Other than PGA Championship, there are PGA Grand Slam of Golf and Ryder Cup. PGA is a different organization from Professional Golf Association Tour. In 1968m the PGA Tour separated from U.S. PGA in order to focus on professional tournament operations. Commissioner, Timothy W. Finchem, has been leading the PGA Tour since June 1st 1994. The PGA headquarter is located in Palm Beach Garden, Florida, and the PGA Tour headquarter is located in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. The PGA Tour has its first opening in January and continues until December. In 2011, 45 tournaments were held during the regular season. 4 major competitions, PGA Championship, Masters Tournament, US Open, and The Open Championship, are called the majors. Winning all of them is called the Grand Slam.

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